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Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.

(the “Issuer”)


€375,000,000 5.250 per cent. Notes due 30 July 2020

(the “Notes”)


ISIN: XS1263964576


The Issuer - the Financial Creditors Standstill Agreement and the Noteholder Standstill Agreement


The Notes are admitted to trading on the regulated market of The Irish Stock Exchange plc.

Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 (Market Abuse Regulation) requires disclosure by or on behalf of the Issuer of any inside information concerning the Issuer.  This announcement relates to the disclosure of information that qualifies or may have qualified as inside information within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the Market Abuse Regulation.


Standstill Agreement with Financial Creditors and certain Noteholders

In the context of the Issuer progressing a revised industrial plan and the related restructuring (the "Industrial Plan") on 26 January 2017 the Issuer entered into certain standstill agreements with its key financial creditors (the "Financial Creditors"), (the "Financial Creditors Standstill Agreement") and with certain holders of the Notes (together, the "Noteholders"), (the “Noteholder Standstill Agreement” and together with the Financial Creditors Standstill Agreement, the "Standstill Agreements").

The Standstill Agreements govern the reciprocal duties and obligations in relation to the Issuer’s financial indebtedness with, respectively, the Financial Creditors and the Noteholders for the period necessary to the Issuer to progress the Industrial Plan.

Pursuant to the Financial Creditors Standstill Agreement, the Financial Creditors assume, inter alia, the undertaking vis-à-vis the Issuer, during discussion of the Industrial Plan and for the duration of the Financial Creditors Standstill Agreement, to refrain from requesting or accelerating the repayment of certain amounts due for principal and interest under the relevant financing agreements, terminating such agreements and/or enforcing any related guarantee.

Pursuant to and subject to the conditions of the Noteholder Standstill Agreement, the Noteholders assume, inter alia, the undertaking vis-à-vis the Issuer - for the duration of the Noteholder Standstill Agreement - not to take any action in respect of certain possible breach of the relevant terms or occurrence of termination events under the terms and conditions of the Notes, request or accelerate payment of the indebtedness under the Notes nor make any corporate action, legal process or other procedure against any member of the Issuer's Group.




Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.

Via A. Nassetti

Pal. Alfa S.N.C.

00054 Fiumicino (Rome)

To the kind attention of Mr. Matteo Mancinelli

Phone number: +39 06 6563 5125

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