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Travellers on all Alitalia flights can use their phone to SMS or check emails immediately after landing

Passengers on all Alitalia flights can now use their phone to  check emails or send text messages immediately after their flight has landed, while the aircraft is taxiing to the terminal.

A new “Gate to Gate” procedure to allow the use of personal electronic devices has been launched by the airline on its entire fleet of Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft.

Phones, smartphones, tablets, e-books, CD and DVD players, cameras, camcorders and portable electronic games can now remain switched on in "airplane mode" for the entire flight in order to listen music, watch movies or playing with no interruption for the entire stay in the aircraft.

Laptops - only with the wireless connection disabled – can be used from take-off to shortly before landing.

According to an Alitalia survey, the demand for connectivity by air travellers is steadily increasing. Three out of four travellers among those surveyed expressed three particular needs:

·         to switch on the phone and data connection after their aircraft has landed to check and send emails;

·         to inform friends, relatives or colleagues waiting at the airport that the plane has landed;

·         to spend more time working on their laptop during the flight.

The new procedures comply with aviation regulations and technical advice from aircraft manufacturers.

Giancarlo Schisano, Chief Operations Officer, Alitalia, said: “Thanks to a new set of rules from Italian Aviation Authorities about mobile devices on board aircraft, we can now further meet the needs of all our customers.”

Alitalia has also started a major renovation project of its entire medium and long-haul fleet which includes new cabin interiors as well as new services such as the on-board connectivity. Wi-fi is already available on six long-haul Airbus A330 aircraft and by 2016 Alitalia will be one of the very few European airlines to offer connectivity on its entire fleet of aircraft.