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The Alitalia Group has an operating fleet of 122 aircraft, among the most modern in the world.

Alitalia boasts one of the most modern and efficient fleet in the world.

The Boeing B777 and Airbus A330 aircraft in the long-haul fleet are configured with three travel classes: Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

The medium haul fleet is centered around the Airbus family with A321, A320 and A319 models.

For its regional fleet, Alitalia has chosen Embraer E190 and E175, Brazilian-made latest generation aircraft with high standards of roominess and comfort.

Alitalia Group fleet base on only 4 types of aircraft, that make it possible for the Company to use its resources in a particularly efficient and flexible manner.

The new aircraft use less fuel and have significantly lower CO2 emissions.



Long haul aircraft

Boeing 777 | 200 ER
number of seats 293
length (ft)  209'1"
wingspan (ft)  199'11"
height (ft)  60'9"
cruising speed (kts) 490
Airbus A330 | 200
number of seats 256-283
length (ft)  188'8"
wingspan (ft)  197'10"
height (ft)  57'1"
cruising speed (kts) 470

Medium haul aircraft

Airbus A321
number of seats 200
length (ft)  146'
wingspan (ft)  111'10"
height (ft)  38'7"
cruising speed (kts) 460
Airbus A320
number of seats 165
length (ft)  123'3"
wingspan (ft)  111'10"
height (ft)  38'7"
cruising speed (kts) 460
Airbus A319
number of seats 138
length (ft)  111'11"
 wingspan (ft)  111'10"
 height (ft)  38'7"
 cruising speed (kts) 460

Regional aircraft

Embraer 190
number of seats 100
length (ft)  118'11"
 wingspan (ft)  92'2"
 height (ft)  34'5"
 cruising speed (kts) 460
Embraer 175
number of seats 88
length (ft)  103'11"
 wingspan (ft)  85'4"
 height (ft)  31'11"
 cruising speed (kts) 460